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Order Execution Policy

The Order of Execution Policy

The sole purpose of this Order of Execution policy is to establish a well-organized action plan for the procurement process by providing the finest conceivable result for its Clients, while Sky Gold Market accomplishing a Clients’ orders.

Additionally, the aim of this document is to guide the said activities and to verify acquiescence with the necessities of the lawgiving bodies, counting the department and general development, which are established in the Internal Procedures Manual.

Scope and Services

The policy shall apply automatically upon the completion of trades on behalf of its Clients. Sky Gold Market will continually be the principal counterparty as the orders of Clients are accomplished.

More so, Sky Gold Market cannot assure that once an order is given, the Client’s expense will be beneficial than original value which could perhaps be obtainable in a different occurrence.

Execution Aspects

Sky Gold Market is required to take several aspects into deliberation; the following are itemized below:

More so, Sky Gold Market cannot assure that once an order is given, the Client’s expense will be beneficial than original value which could perhaps be obtainable in a different occurrence.

a) Quotes

Sky Gold Market creates an owned tradable values taken from the figures obtained over the liberated price sources, counting banks that principally offers liquescency through the global market. Sky Gold Market is to guarantee that the bid/ask spread controls is completed with the recommendation to an extensive assortment of fundamental price sources, counting statistical bases. With such, Sky Gold Market can assure that the Client receives the best execution possible.

b) Charges

Once a Client secures a position on some of the provided financial instruments, it will certainly contain a commission or a financing payment.

c) Orders Of All Sizes

Orders are positioned in portion scopes. A component which processes the quantity of the deal is termed as “lot”, in which varies from every financial instruments given. If a Client desired to instigate an outsized scope of order, it may not be as much as favorable in several circumstances as liquidity ascends in the marketplace. Sky Gold Market holds the right to refuse a Clients’ Order, if the size of the order is considered to be too large and cannot be completed by Sky Gold Market.

d) Frequency

Normally, Price values often changes in every coming periods. The regularity with which they do varies with financial instruments along with the current market conditions. As Sky Gold Market produces its own tradable price values, the technology therefore used by the Client to make relations with Sky Gold Market will play a decisive function. Additionally, tradable prices are distributed through the Sky Gold Market’s trading programs.


Sky Gold Market fulfills orders in relation to any trading instruments in derivatives on foreign exchange ("FX").

Sky Gold Market provides the following foreign exchange trading products:

  • Foreign Exchange Derivatives
  • Commodities Derivatives
  • Indices Derivatives
  • Spot metals Derivatives

Best execution ideologies

When an order of a Client is being accomplished, Sky Gold Market is authorized to layout the following factors into observation:

  • The Client's characteristics and to where it is classified.
  • The characteristics of the order of the Client.
  • The characteristics of the execution spots to which that order is able to be engaged.
  • The characteristics of trading instruments that are the order’s focus..

Client Instructions

In circumstances where the Client is given with a definite directive by Sky Gold Market concerning the order execution and the company decided on this directive, consequently, an execution of order will be executed with the specific instruction given..

Still, if the Client wanted to perform an order and given a certain instruction, then by executing that order, Sky Gold Market will fulfill with Sky Gold Market’s responsibility to deliver the best execution for the Client. This may possible result in being unqualified to comply with Sky Gold Market’s order execution policy for that certain order. .

Execution Entities

Entities holding the execution are principally the setting to which orders are being placed or executed. The Execution Entities in order of the Clients will be consequently accredited by investment corporations.

In general, the funds placed in the accounts by Clients with Sky Gold Market, counting orders that are positioned towards a trading platform is secured by Sky Gold Market and is the one accountable for the capitals entirely.

Review and Monitoring

Sky Gold Market’s implemented policy will definitely be monitored, including the substantial order execution provisions, predominantly on an constant foundation to regulate and suggest better improvements.

It is also mandatory for the company to evaluate the Policy and the pertinent order execution preparations on a systematic basis in any case so as to measure if Sky Gold Market is competent enough to deliver the best execution for its Clients.

Clients Permissions

Sky Gold Market is required to get the Client’s prior approval to this Policy when making a business association regarding the Client. Furthermore, Sky Gold Market is mandated to take in the Client’s prior approval before the implementation of Clients’ orders or getting or conducting orders for execution.

Sky Gold Market is capable to acquire the abovementioned agreements under a broad settlement.

Sky Gold Market will accomodate Clients who acquired the Policy or sanctioned to take the Policy by electronic means or any other online transactions including those who have largely settled upon on the Trading Terms and Conditions of Sky Gold Market.


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